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A Qualified Fire Door Inspector (QFDI) is certified to assess fire-rated, smoke and egress door assemblies.

Their qualifications include:

  1. Code Expertise: Applying relevant fire, smoke and life-safety codes.
  2. Visual Inspections: Testing swinging doors for compliance.
  3. Code Adherence: Assessing jobsite preparations for compliance.
  4. Product Evaluation: Researching and recommending fire-rated products.
  5. Report Generation: Creating detailed inspection reports for code compliance.
  6. Corrective Measures: Prescribing actions to bring non-compliant openings up to standard.

Engaging a QFDI plays a crucial role in safeguarding buildings and occupants by ensuring the proper functioning and compliance of fire-rated door assemblies. Their certification attests to their ability to uphold fire safety requirements through thorough inspections and informed decision-making.

A Qualified Fire Door Technician (QFDT) is certified to perform essential tasks related to door opening assemblies.

Their qualifications include:

  1. Apply Codes: Recognize and apply codes for assembling door opening components.
  2. Installation Expertise: Differentiate proper and improper installation methods for swinging doors.
  3. Compliance Assurance: Ensure code-compliant installation by assessing jobsite preparations and field modifications.
  4. NFPA 80 Verification: Verify adherence to the 13 inspection points of NFPA 80 for fire-rated openings.

Engaging a QFDT ensures a technician who has the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to the proper assembly and installation of door opening components, promoting adherence to safety standards and codes.

A Qualified Door Opening Consultant (QDOC) is certified to consult on projects of all sizes.

Their qualifications include:

  1. Expertise in Door Hardware: Demonstrate specialized knowledge in both mechanical and electronic door hardware for non-residential construction projects.
  2. Project Contribution: Assist in various project aspects, including budgeting, reviewing shop drawings, evaluating proposed alternate products, and participating in commissioning after installation.
  3. Code Application: Apply an understanding of fire safety, life safety, accessibility, and building codes relevant to door openings.

  4. Specification Crafting: Write and edit opening specifications and develop hardware schedules for functional, code-compliant, and secure door openings.

  5. Complex Problem Solving: Navigate the complexity of door hardware, addressing thousands of products and intricate building code conditions.

Engaging a QDOC ensures a consultant with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the intricacies of door openings and contribute effectively to construction projects.

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