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Course Cancellation Policy

In the event a course or event cancellation is required, refund or credit is available with written notice to as noted below:

  • Up to 4-weeks prior to the start of the class or learning event, a 95% refund or a 100% credit for future courses is available.

  • Within 4-weeks of the start of the class or learning event, a 90% credit only will be applied to a future course. 

  • No refunds are available within 4-weeks due to prepaid expenses required on behalf of attendees.

Credits issued are valid for one calendar year from the date of the class or learning event.

Participation Policy

Success in a learning event depends on active participation and engagement by the attendee throughout the course. To earn a course completion certificate for any DOIT learning event, attendees are required to fully participate in the training activities, lectures, and discussion. This applies to those attending in-person and remotely. Participation is defined as greater than 90% attendance of the scheduled course time and active engagement verified by the instructor.

Remote participation requires a working webcam and microphone; the webcam must be activated throughout the learning event.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Door Opening Industry Training Group LLC (DOIT) is dedicated to creating and maintaining an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of all individuals. DOIT is committed to providing equal opportunities for education, volunteering, and work, and prohibiting discrimination based on any status protected by law, like race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, military status (including veteran status), political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, pregnancy status, or any other status.

DOIT does not tolerate any form of harassment and strives to provide a professional atmosphere that prohibits any unlawful discriminatory practices, including harassment. As a result, DOIT expects all individuals involved in its programs to behave in a business-like and respectful manner, free from any explicit bias, prejudice, or harassment.

Download policy here: DOIT Anti Discrimination Policy 6-3-22.pdf

Learners’ Record Privacy and Information Security Policy

At DOIT, we take the privacy and security of our learners' records seriously. Our policy is to collect, maintain, and use student information only for appropriate, necessary, and clearly defined purposes. We control and safeguard this information to protect personal privacy in accordance with the law.

To keep track of course sales, training completed, and grades, we retain student information in the member database and our Learning Management System (LMS). Both systems are password-protected, and only individual students have access to their information and records.

Access to student information, training, and grades is limited to DOIT staff and is not extended to volunteer instructors. We do not disclose personally identifiable information from a student's education records without their prior consent. We also do not disclose information from education records to a third party, such as an employer, unless the student requests or consents to the disclosure. Requests or consent must be made in writing to DOIT. Email requests to

Students have access to inspect and review their education records via the LMS. Certificates of Completion for coursework can be downloaded from the LMS by individual students.

Students have the right to have their education records maintained accurately and may request amendment of records that they believe are inaccurate. Requests for amendment should be submitted to DOIT for review.

Download policy here: DOIT Privacy and Security of Learners' Records Policy 6.3.22.pdf

Proprietary Interest Policy

It is the policy of DOIT that any proprietary interest of an instructor(s) is disclosed.
The Door Opening Industry Training Group LLC (DOIT) may allow instructors with proprietary interests in products to conduct education and training programs on behalf of DOIT and at DOIT training events, provided that disclosure of such interest is made.
The disclosure of a proprietary interest is not intended to suggest or condone bias in any presentation but is made to provide participants with information that might be of potential importance to their evaluation of a presentation and/or the products discussed.
Examples of appropriate disclosures are below:
The instructor holds patent rights to a product
The instructor has financial interest in a product
The instructor is a consultant to the company of the products presented
The instructor owns more than 10% of stock in the company of the products presented
Disclosure shall be made on learning material, marketing and at the learning event.

Even with disclosure, presentations shall not promote exclusive use of a commercial product.

Download policy here: DOIT Proprietary Interest Policy 6.3.22.pdf

Certification Renewal Policies:

A.    Certification, initial or renewal, is valid for a period of 3 years from the date of certification.

B.    Certified members must recertify every three years to maintain their certification.

C.    Certification must be renewed before it lapses.

  1. Certified members must know when their certification expires and are solely responsible for completing the application and all renewal requirements on time.
  2. Failure to receive a notice or reminder of expiration does not excuse failure to renew on time

D.    Lapse of Certification

  1. A certification has lapsed when not renewed on or before the expiration date.
  2. Individuals with a lapsed certification are prohibited from displaying their certification credentials or representing themselves as DOIT certified.
  3. A six-month grace status may be granted upon request.
  4. A certification will be revoked if the holder exceeds the six-month grace status without recertifying.
  5. If an individual with a revoked certification wishes to become certified again, there is no recertification provision. They must pass all required exams to recertify.

E.    Certified members must maintain a certified membership. Memberships are valid for a period of 1 year.

  1. The first membership year is provided as part of the certification process.
  2. Memberships must be renewed annually.

F.     A certification maintenance fee is due at the time of certification renewal.

Download Continuing Education Program here: DOIT Continuing Education Program Overview.pdf

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