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Be in the Know About Fire Rated Glazing

  • Wed, January 18, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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Be in the Know About Fire Rated Glazing

Presented by Rich Walke

Building owners love the visibility and light provided by glazing within and at the perimeter of their building. However, when fire-resistance compartmentation is required, providing that visibility can be a challenge. That’s where fire-protection-rated and fire-resistance-rated glazing products come in. Each of these products have a specific use based on the level of safety required. When installed properly in accordance with the code, the listing, and the manufacturer’s installation instructions, these products facilitate safe, code compliant installations without compromising visibility or daylight.

Attend this session and learn how fire-protection-rated and fire-resistance-rated glazing are used to create the desired visual impact while maintaining fire-resistance. The session provides a detailed look at the code requirements, the standards, and the listings for fire-protection-rated and fire-resistance-rated glazing, including a look at why the ratings are different for different applications. We’ll also explain how to read the listings and manufacturer instructions, and how to identify and verify the type of glazing in the field based on the permanent identification provided on the product by the manufacturer.

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About the Presenter:
Rich Walke is the Technical Director of Creative Technology Inc., providing consulting and training services for the fire protection and code enforcement communities.

Previously, Rich had been employed by UL for 43 years, focusing on fire-resistance-rated construction and the protection of breaches in those assemblies.  During that time, Rich was involved in testing, standards development, code development, and providing technical assistance and training to architects, engineer, contractors and code officials.

Rich has had the honor of serving on the Fire Safety Committee at the ICC Committee Action Hearings.  He was also a member of the NFPA 101/5000 Fire Protection Features Committee and the NFPA 220/221 Building Construction Committee.

Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

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