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Qualified Fire Door Technician Training and 

Certification Class

Do you install or maintain fire door opening assemblies? Can you recognize and utilize the codes that affect these openings in order to assemble the opening components in accordance with those codes and standards? Do you know the difference between a jobsite preparation and a field modification? Come learn the proper methods for installing swinging doors with builders hardware to assure your openings are in compliance with NFPA 80’s 13 points of inspection.

Qualified Fire Door Inspector Training and 

Certification Class

Interested in becoming a fire door inspector? Come learn from qualified, certified, door opening industry experts who understand the total opening and are out there inspecting. Become familiar with the codes and standards affecting fire rated door opening assemblies. Acquire the skills to analyze fire rated openings and their components, research and evaluate products for compliance and create and submit required reporting to facility owners.

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Associate Door Opening Consultant Prep Class

Interested in displaying your knowledge with DOIT's Mid-level credential? Stay tuned for the new ADOC preparation class. COMING SOON!

Qualified Door Opening Consultant Prep Class

Looking to go to the next level in your career? Stay tuned for the new QDOC preparation class. COMING SOON!

COURSE CANCELLATION POLICY: Up to 4-weeks prior to the start of the course training/event, a 95% refund or a 100% credit for future courses is available. Within 4-weeks of the start of the course training/event, a 90% credit only will be applied to a future course, no refunds within 4-weeks. Credit is valid for one calendar year from date of course training/event.

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